Guidelines for Authors


To submit a contribution, authors must follow three steps:

Step One: Track Choice
Select one track from the list on ConfTool. In step two, you will be able to refine your choice by selecting topic(s). An overview of tracks and topics is available here.

Step Two: Paper Information
Fill in information about the authors and the contribution:

  • Author(s) and email(s)
  • Organization(s)
  • Title of contribution
  • Abstract
  • Choose topic(s) from a given list on ConfTool (list available here)
  • Keywords
  • Email used to subscribe to EFA membership (optional). By entering the email linked to your EFA membership, you will help us track your membership status.

Step Three: Upload Files
The contribution can be uploaded on ConfTool. Please note that authors can upload new versions until the final deadline.
Submitting authors will be asked to upload two documents in pdf format.

  • Anonymous paper: The first page should include the title and the abstract, but no references to the authors.
  • Complete paper: This version should include information on the author(s).

Please note that the maximum file size is 10 megabytes.